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List of materials you need for the Arts & Crafts sessions!!


Day 1

Bible Verse Book

Materials Needed:

Letter size paper, 1 construction paper, scissors, crayons, decoration material (sticker and so on), glue stick

* Prepare paper size above letter paper size. Hard to write if the paper is too small.


Day 2

Brass Serpent Race

Materials Needed:

1 paper cup (9 oz), 1 paper towel tube, 3 paper tubes, yarn 6ft, brown construction paper, brown paint, brush, tape, popsicle sticks, marker (brown, black, red), School glue, scissors, toothpick or skewer (for making hole), 2 googly eyes, letter paper

*Paint and brushes can be replaced with crayons or markers

Day 3

Bible Story Jello

Materials Needed:

Boxes Jell-O (Berry blue), 2 snack pack pudding (vanilla, chocolate anything), 2 cup size glass container (or 2 cup size disposable ball), animal crackers, a little cream cheese, teddy bear cookie (honey, chocolate chip), square biscuit, sandwich zipper bag, RIPS sour candy or other banding candy (rainbow color); AirHeads candy

*Put the jello in a clear cup and chill in the refrigerator for 90 minutes in advance


Day 4

Jesus's Sign: Wine Made From Water

Materials Needed:

Sheet protectors, scissors, tape, marker (black, red), crayons or markers, construction paper, 1 Letter size paper, pencil, ruler

* Sheet protectors: Replaceable with OHP files or disposable clear plates


Day 5

Joseph's Colorfully Woven Clothes

Materials Needed:

Paper cup 3 oz, scissors, tape, yarn (rainbow color, light brown), 2 Letter size papers, markers, 3 toothpick, crayon (apricot color), ruler (inches & centimeters)


Day 6

Slides of Creation

Materials Needed:

1 disposable paper plates, index card, coloring page, box cutter, scissors, tape, markers, crayons, sharpie, paint (blue, green), brush, glue stick, cube coloring page

*If you don't have paint or brush, replace it with green or blue marker or colored pencils.


*If you don't have an index card, you can use two sheets of Letter size papers overlapped.

Link for coloring page, and cube


Day 7

Shadow Theater: Man Hit By Robbers

Materials Needed:

Coloring page (curtain, character), crayons, decoration material (sticker and so on), 1 cereal box, 1 Letter size paper, box cutter, scissors, tape, 3 black construction paper, 6 straws, black marker, glue

*Please print these coloring pages


Day 8

Noah's Ark: The Animals' Move

Materials Needed:

Disposable paper plate, 1 Letter size paper, crayons or markers, black marker, pipe cleaners (green, yellow), 2 pom pom balls, construction paper (brown), scissors, tape, 2 skewers, 4 googly eyes, thick white paper, ruler

*Thick white paper can be replaced with Letter size paper


Day 9

The Eternal Offering: From Sinner to Righteous

Materials Needed:

Scissors, glue stick, tape, 7 Sheets of colored paper in various colors (you SHOULD prepare one sheet of white, red, and one sheet of any bright color), 4 sheets of the black paper bands, 4 sheets of white paper bands, black marker

*The size of the paper band should be: 11.5cm x 1.5cm


Day 10

Bible Character Puppet

Materials Needed:

2 paper cups, 6 bending straws, tape, scissors, white paper, crayons, markers, coloring paper, glue stick, construction paper, decorating materials

Link for coloring pages*
*After you click the link, please choose two of your favorite characters and print out those pages.