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Arts & Crafts​

If we take a little bit of this and a little bit of that from around the house...then Ta-Da! We make something new and inspiring.

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Aug. 20 - 23

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Bible Journey

We listen to the Word, discover the heart of God, and connect our hearts with His.

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Songs & Motions

We take the time to praise God with songs of joy accompanied by fun, musical hand motions.

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Recreational Activities

We exercise, do entertaining challenges, learn teamwork through group projects, partake in an online scavenger hunt and so much more!

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Our Friends

Around The World​


Did you ever want to make friends from different countries and cultures? Look no further as we will learn about the lives of our friends in different countries first hand.

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Kids Dance​

It's time to dance, dance, dance! Let's loosen our stiff bodies and hearts with engaging choreography.

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DATES:  August 20 (Thur)- 23 (Sun), 2020

LOCATION:  Online at & on Zoom

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE:  K - 5th grade (2019-2020 school year)

MATERIALS NEEDED:  Laptop/Mobile, device, Bible, Notebook and writing utensils, Art & Craft materials ​

How to Participate

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The happiest vacation of my life: IYF Kids Camp!

Please post the best picture or video of yourself having fun at the Kids' Camp! We have many prizes every day awaiting camp participants with the best pictures.

How to Participate

1. Upload photo or video on Instagram and you MUST hashtag

it with #iyfkidscamp and #iyfphotocontest

2. We will DM winners of the photo contest on Instagram

3. The topic of the post should be about the moment that the child had the most fun

4. All winners will receive prizes!

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Get the quiz right! We've got a prize!

Participants from Kids Camp can attend! Listen carefully to the word every day and there will be a time to take the quiz afterwards.

A time to reflect on the Word of God we have heard. Let's challenge our brain muscles and plant the Word of God in our heart with the help of Kahoot Trivia!

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Derell's Story Time​

We take a journey through the world of the heart with our very own storyteller, Derell.